Fuel Island Ticket Printer

Fuel Island Ticket Printer

Fleet Management Ticket Printer

The Fuel Island ticket printer is an industrial grade thermal printer. The printer is designed to perform, while requiring little to no maintenance while operating in the field. Since the printer utilizes thermal printing technology, a printing technology that requires no consumable ink cartridges or printer ribbons, there is no constant need to continuously replace consumable ink cartridges or printer ribbons for the printer. The thermal printer can easily endure even frigid conditions, with it’s wide operating temperature range. In an effort to reduce printer maintenance, the printer is also designed to hold extra-large rolls of thermal paper, reducing the frequency that paper has to be reloaded into the printer. Low paper and out of paper sensors can remotely alert fleet employees, eliminating the need to micromanage any terminal printer. In the unlikely event that components fail, the modular design of the printer makes it extremely easy for semi-skilled personnel to replace broken components.

The versatile ticket printer is capable of printing receipt tickets for a number of management applications in a number of languages. Printing customer receipts, vehicle hang tags, service tickets, turn back tickets, lost & found item tickets, temporary employee badges, and performance reports are just some of the many print jobs the printer can accomplish. Print jobs can also be custom programmed to meet the unique demands of any vehicle management process.

Printer Features:

  • Industrial Grade
  • Low Maintenance
  • No Ink and No Ribbon Design
  • Loads Large Paper Rolls
  • Multiple Paper Sensors
  • Interchangable Components
  • Regulating Temperature Heater
  • Multi-lingual Support